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OverPower Marketing understands the value of higher education and the financial burden associated with pursuing a degree. The ever-rising costs of pursuing a degree often create a financial strain for students and their families. For this reason, OverPower Marketing is offering a scholarship to a student who is pursuing a degree related to computers and business. This scholarship is designed to encourage and award exemplary students.

Scholarship Award

The OverPower Marketing Scholarship is a $500 award for each fall and spring semester. The winner will be notified by May 1st and December 1st prior to the semester that they are applying the scholarship for. A $500 check will be made payable to the school the recipient is enrolled in by the following business day when the winner is notified. The Scholarship is to be used for tuition and other academic expenses. Recipient is to abide by with current tax laws.


United States Citizen

United States citizen or authorized to work in the United States

Enrolled Student

Student enrolled for the upcoming Spring or Fall term at an academic institution in the United States

Business or Computer Degree

Student must be pursuing a degree related to the study of business or computer related degrees (see full list below)

Eligible Degrees for Scholarship

Degrees can be Associate, Bachelor, Graduate/Master, or Doctorate/Professional Level. In some cases, Certificates and Minors in these fields may be acceptable.


Preparing students for a successful career, whether they want to work for a Fortune 500 company or start their own small business.

Computer Engineering

Providing students with a strong background in engineering analysis and design and giving them the implementation skills you need to succeed

Computer Science

Students will strengthen their analytical ability, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Helping to advance student’s technical skills with computers 


Strengthens student’s critical thinking, analytical ability and problem-solving skills when handling cybersecurity issues.

Data Science

 Students develop expertise in mathematics, statistics, computer programming, data management, machine learning and to meet the growing needs.

Fine Arts

Students are offered an intensive curriculum to prepare them to pursue a career in graphic design to build eye-catching advertising.

Information Technology

Students will develop the skills and mindset you need to solve problems and build the connection where people and machines meet.


Prepares students for a successful career in today’s communication professions. Combining classroom instruction with hands-on learning.


Students will receive a strong grounding in business and the major areas of marketing, which gives flexibility to pursue jobs in either creative or quantitative disciplines.

Software Design & Development

Teach students the analytical and problem-solving skills needed to develop high-quality software that meets client needs

Our Previous Scholarship Winners

Michael Buffington

Michael Buffington

Fall 2023 Winner

Mr. Michael Buffington is a student at Pensacola State College who is currently  seeking a degree in A.S. Degree – Computer Information Technology!

Robert Butler

Robert Butler

Spring 2024 Winner

Mr. Robert Butler is a student at Western Governors University who is currently seeking his master of business administration (MBA) degree!

This Could Be You!

This Could Be You!

Fall 2024 Winner

This could be you! Be sure to apply below within the allotted time with all the required information.

Judging Criteria


Complete the Application Completely & Accurately


Provide a Current Academic Transcript


Submit a 500-1000 Word Essay


Fall: Submit Application between Jan. 1st - Apr. 15th


Spring: Submit Application between Aug. 1st - Nov. 15th


Plagiarism or Signs of AI Content will be Disqualified

If applicant is beginning school in the upcoming term then applicant must provide an official copy of the academic transcript from the last high school, college, etc. he or she attended. All applicants must also provide satisfactory proof of being enrolled in an academic institution for the current term.


With marketing tactics always changing, adapting, and improving – it’s always good to create and update your marketing strategy plans! Choose a small to medium-size company or organization that you are familiar with (this could be something like a local florist, plumber, law firm, etc.). Develop a marketing plan or strategy for that local business. What online marketing strategy would you use to help grow their company? What marketing tools would you implement? How would you target their audience? Write a 500 – 1000 word essay on how you would help grow their business.

Apply Now

By submitting an application, the applicant is agreeing to allow OverPower Marketing, LLC to use recipient’s name, area of residence, school, photograph, and essay in marketing platforms. This includes, but is not limited to, social media, OverPower Marketing, LLC website, press releases, or any other publication.

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